Before We Arrive

We have put together of list of items to help you prepare for your appointment. These items will ensure that everything and everyone in the home will remain safe, but most importantly they will ensure we can continue to give all of our clients the best cleaning experience possible.

  1. We kindly ask that any carpet we will be cleaning be thoroughly vacuumed prior to our arrival. Removing the dry soils before applying any cleaning solutions greatly improves the cleaning results. If you’re unable to vacuum before we arrive for whatever reason – not a problem!Please let us know before we begin so that we can.
  2. We kindly ask that you remove small items such as: lamps, pictures, small end tables, plants out of the areas we’ll be cleaning before we arrive, and secure other breakables as well. If for some reason you’re not able to move them, no problem! Please let us know so that we can do so for you. We can slide sofas, chairs / recliners around, but the more room we have to work, the more we can fully concentrate on your carpet.
  3. Our truck mounted carpet cleaning machine produces a cleaning solution that reaches temperatures of 200-230 degrees. Please ensure that you, your children, or pets are out of the area or clear of our hoses while we are working. We want everyone to be safe in your home while we are working.
  4. If at all possible, we appreciate being able to park close to the door in your driveway or parking lot where our hoses will be entering. Please note: For safety reasons – we will NEVER park inside a garage. Our cleaning equipment is powered by a gasoline motor and outside parking will ensure proper ventilation.